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  • RoboUniverse New York 2015

    RoboUniverse serves as the “new robotics” segment of the robotics industry which includes service and education robots, collaborative robots, and their intelligent technologies.

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  • RoboUniverse San Diego 2015

    RoboUniverse is coming to San Diego on December 14-16! Launched in New York City in May and Seoul Korea in June, RoboUniverse is quickly becoming the premier robotics conference and exposition.

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  • RoboUniverse Seoul 2016

    RoboUniverse Seoul is a three-day business conference and exposition taking place at the Korea International Exhibition Center in Seoul on June 22-24, 2016.

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  • RIC

    The RIC-30, the newest version of RIC, has the Kinect sensor in it. Like its predecessor, it can be programmed to fit a client's marketing needs. RIC-30 is also compatible with the Kinect and V-Sido software and has expandable Futaba RS304MD servos.

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  • Sarcoman

    Sarcoman is an entertainment robot capable of juggling balls and balancing a pole among other feats. It can dynamically adjust its movements and is controlled by a human operator.

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  • Unicycle Robot

    Unicycle Robot is the first robot in China capable of balancing on a single wheel. It can navigate a balance beam and even compensate for external disturbances. Unicycle Robot has infrared sensors, a gyroscope, and an inclinometer. Its developers hope…

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