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  • FaceBots (Sarah)

    University of UAE created an interactive robot called Sarah the Facebot. It can connect to Facebook, retrieve statuses and information, and interact with people using shared memories.

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  • Pingo

    A Facebook-integrated robotic desk pet, Pingo reads messages, news and weather forecasts; it also has a personality and responds to physical stimuli and electronic gifts.

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  • GITEX Technology Week 2015

    The GITEX 2015 Technology week will be held in The Dubai Trade Center October 18 till 22 and include the region’s largest ever outdoor demonstration of drones, robotics and autonomous vehicles

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  • Rising Media, Inc.

    Rising Media is a global events and media producer excelling in Internet and technology-related events and content. Events include Inside 3D Printing, RoboUniverse, Virtual Reality Summit, Data

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  • Karotz

    Karotz is a social media robot designed to make using social media easy and fun. It uses voice recognition to allow you to reply to social messages. Karotz can be an alarm clock and check weather and traffic through its WiFi connection. It has facial…

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    Robopec's Reeti is a fully customizable robot capable of many functions. It can connect to the Internet so you can access social media and email. This PC-bot can help teachers who need better ways to teach students. It has a user-friendly interface and…

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