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  • Global Robot Expo 2017

    GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO is the definitive trade show to measure the current state of robotics and aims to provide a space where all stakeholders can showcase their technological achievements

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  • Cavalier

    Emanon created the Cavalier, a bipedal fighting robot. It took part in the 2009 NagaRanger Fighting Festa. Along with 27 other battle robots, Cavalier engaged in several fights. It defeated Cromkid in the final bout with a technical knockout.

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  • Fire Fighting Robot (FFR)

    The Fire Fighting Robot developed is a robot vehicle that can be used to explore a building which is on fire. It gathers information about the fire intensity and structure integrity while looking for survivors. Then it presents its information using a…

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  • Hajime Robot

    Bipedal humanoid Hajime 11 is another in the Hajime line of fighting robots. Unlike previous versions, it has a mostly bright red body. Videos on the Internet show how stable this bipedal robot's joints are and how fast it can walk. It also competes in…

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  • Mecha Monsters

    Mecha Monsters are the world’s first gaming robots, similar to a manifestation of Pokemon in real life, and consist of 4-legged robots that battle each other being controlled through a Smartphone or tablet.

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