About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Korea U. of Science and Tech.

    Korea Tech has had a 100% graduate career placement for 13 straight years and is the number one university in the country. Their School of Mechanical Engineering established the KUT BioRobotics Laboratory. The lab’s mission is to create and develop science,…

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  • Maastricht University

    Situated close to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, the Maastricht University (UM) is an internationally-oriented university with its main focus on innovation. The university aims at providing a stimulating environment where talent can flourish.

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  • National U. of Singapore (NUS)

    One of Asia’s premiere universities, NUS prides itself on its intelligent robotics research. The university's robotics lab, the IDMI, developed an intelligent artificial agent that it hopes can eventually be integrated into our society. NUS has a partnership…

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  • Ohio U.

    Ohio University is the ninth oldest university in the US, and is the first university that was established in the state of Ohio and the entire Northwest Territory. The university aims at developing its students intellectually and personally.

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  • Pontifical Catholic U. of Peru

    Based in Lima, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru is Peru's first non-profit private institu-tion. Under its Faculty of Science and Engineering they have designed and created a robotic arm that has two degrees of freedom.

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  • Robotics Inst. Robot Learning Lab.

    CMU’s Robot Education Lab has tackled a wide range of robotics fields, including intelligent manufacturing, nano-robots and anthropomorphic robots. Recently the lab developed the snakebot: a robot capable of moving like a snake. The founders of the Robotics…

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  • Yokohama National U.

    Japan’s YNU is well-known for meeting the challenges of today in all its departments. In the Kawamura Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, students research and develop solutions to the latest robotics challenges. The lab’s vision is…

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