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  • HERB

    Intel’s HERB is a butler robot designed to help around the home. It has voice recognition and object manipulation capabilities. HERB can even be controlled with an iPhone.

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  • The Manipulation Lab

    The Robotics Institute Manipulation Lab at CMU is a prominent academic robotics research lab. Focusing on the autonomous robotic manipulation problem, the Lab works on everything from robotic hands to the dynamics of robotic legged movement. Among their…

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  • Kondo

    Kondo KHR-1HV is a humanoid robot developed by Kondo Kagaku. It is able to move fluidly and has an extended range of motion because it has two servos in the shoulder. This robot also has a unique control system that unifies the individual control settings…

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  • M1 Mobile Manipulator

    The M1 Mobile Manipulator is a customizable mobile manipulation platform. This humanoid robot, created by Meka Robotics, can lift up to a 1.5 kg payload. It is equipped with compliant force control and has bluetooth and LAN connectivity. It has a Kinect…

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  • Q.bo

    Developed by the Spanish company TheCorpora, the Q.bo is a robot platform for the development as well as progress of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. It consists of a chassis, high quality mechanical parts and plastic covers. The Q.bo only contains…

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