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  • HR 2

    The HR-2 humanoid robot has an artificial neural network and depth of vision. This bipedal robot can read text aloud and has facial and speech recognition.

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  • KHR

    The KHR-2, like its predecessor the KHR-1, is an action bipedal robot. It can perform powerful kicks and kung-fu, and responds immediately to commands. High-performance servos and real time master/slave control gives it expanded programmability and improved…

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  • BHR

    Beijing Institute of Technology developed a humanoid called BHR 2. Also called ‘Huitong’, it can perform martial arts and can be used in barren, toxic-polluted or terrorist-infested lands.

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  • Black Blade

    Yoshihiro Shibata created Black Blade off his past robotic fighting achievement, Black Seed. He improved the design but left many of Black Seed's key characteristics, which resulted in smoother operation, an improved torque, and wider rotational range…

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  • Hina

    Japanese robot Hina is a humanoid servant robot. Only 36 centimeters tall, it can still prepare and pour a cup of coffee. It does this by picking up remote control signals.

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  • Kumataro

    Naoko Hikima developed a bear looking robot toy called Kumataro. It was completely redesigned and re-fabricated from the original with more torque and upgrade of servomotors.

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