About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Philips Medical Systems

    Philips is a large multinational enterprise founded in the Netherlands that that combines its unique clinical expertise with human insights for innovating products to provide an improved quality of healthcare.

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  • Tegema

    Tegema is a company that innovates, realises and develops products, systems and processes, from ideas to prototypes, functional models or pre-production series. Moreover, the company can also look after assembly, production, test equipment, tooling and…

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  • TU Eindhoven

    The Technical University Eindhoven, or TUE is a research university that specializes in engineering science and technology. The TUE has a separate research institute for robotics which focuses on the cooperation between humans and robots.

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  • ZuidZorg

    ZuidZorg is a Netherlands based company that aims at promoting health and self-reliance by providing nutrition and dietetics, maternity, home care (e.g. domestic nursing, care and help) and youth health.

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