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  • ABU Robocon 2016

    The game of ABU Robocon 2016 is designed in order to create the awareness of efficient energy consumption and clean and renewable energy utilization.

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  • Automower

    The Automower Solar Hybrid robot lets you relax while it takes care of mowing the lawn. It uses a battery and stored sunlight to mow even large lawns day or night.

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  • Hybrid GOAT

    Mowing steep lawns is safe thanks to the Hybrid GOAT robot. It can handle lawns with up to 70 degrees of slope while you operate the robot from up to 2000 feet away.

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  • Skyhopper

    SkyHopper is a popular remote-controlled robotic insect that makes running takeoffs in small spaces and also walks and jumps. Crash sensors disable its wings upon impact.

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