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  • Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group

    The ISLA works on solutions to a wide variety of robotic issues. This group carries out both teaching and research in cooperative robotics. Along with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, they created the “A Framework”, which was used to maintain a shared…

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  • CIROS 2015

    The China International Robot Show (CIROS) 2015 takes place July 8 to 11 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and is the official exhibition platform of the China Robot Industry Alliance and the top robot exhibition of China.

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  • Hirosaki U.

    Hirosaki University in Japan offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to study robotics. Their School of Science and Technology has a course on Intelligent Machines and System Engineering. This course teaches Vision-based Robot control and micromachine…

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  • Intl. Islamic U. Chittagong

    Established in 1992, the International Islamic University Chittagong is one of the top graded government approved private universities in Bangladesh. It offers various degrees, courses and hands-on experiences to not only the Islamic populace in the country…

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  • Iowa State U.

    ISU is the birthplace of the first electronic digital computer, the ABC. Since then, the university has created the Developmental Robotics Laboratory to create robots that are fully autonomous. ISU’s objective is to develop a truly intelligent humanoid.…

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  • National U. of Singapore (NUS)

    One of Asia’s premiere universities, NUS prides itself on its intelligent robotics research. The university's robotics lab, the IDMI, developed an intelligent artificial agent that it hopes can eventually be integrated into our society. NUS has a partnership…

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  • Schiebel Coorporation

    The Vienna-based Schiebel Corporation specializes in the development of composite technologies, landmine detection systems and aviation innovations that include robotics and sensor technology.

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  • Semnan U.

    Semnan University is an Iranian university that provides students hands-on experience and advanced learning facilities. It has continually researched on ways and means to improve not only its facilities and physical structures but also its teaching capabilities,…

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  • Simon Fraser U.

    SFU in Canada hopes that their robotics lab, LRV, can create better robotics technology, and develop methodologies and tools for such things as the design and execution of 2D and 3D vision with other AI elements. Among the lab’s notable projects includes…

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  • U. of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a Spanish public university in the capital city of the Canary Island, Gran Canaria. It offers basic and applied research combined with fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience to students interested…

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  • U. of Manitoba

    The University of Manitoba is Western Canada’s first university and the largest university in the province. Its Autonomous Agents Laboratory inside the Department of Computer Science has developed several robots, which have competed not only in Canada…

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  • CamCopter

    The CAMCOPTER® S-100 has the ability to complete an entire mission automatically and with zero operator intervention, or it can be reprogrammed at any time when airborne to perform alternative missions or react to task changes.

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  • Irobo

    A Bangladeshi student, Feroz Ahmed Siddiky, created Irobo. This robot is a humanoid and is entirely made up of scrap materials. It can follow voice commands and can mimic humans.

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  • Mini-Me

    Mini-Me is a Japanese robot which is fabricated with the owner's appearance and can process speech. It can talk, read RSS feeds, make VoIP calls and read the weather.

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