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    Three Chinese companies developed the UNISROBO robot. It debuted at the 2011 Chinese High-Tech Expo. Envisioned as a way to teach children English and good manners, UNISROBO has touch sensors and a touchscreen. Ten artificial intelligence modules give…

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  • ISR 2013

    The 44th ISR 2013 will be held in Seoul from October 24-26. This robotic event is a moving force and an authoritative conference for the development of various technologies, including the likes of industrial robots and service robots.This event will be…

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  • iMaro

    The iMaro-3 ISR was created by SAIT as a service robot. It greets people at the Seoul International Airport. The iMaro-3 ISR helps passengers find the correct terminal. It also provides snapshots of the person it assists and has pre-programmed maps to…

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  • Inst. of Systems and Robotics

    Founded in 1992, ISR aims at setting up a world-class multidisciplinary research team that can perform innovative research in several areas of technology and science, with its particular focus on automation and robotics.

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  • The Intelligent Systems and Robotics Center

    Sandia National Laboratories is home to the ISRC, is the leader in developing miniature and macro-sized teleoperated and autonomous vehicles. With more than 26 years of experience, the Center responds to the challenges impacting the country’s security…

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  • Innorobo 2015

    Innorobo is an international conference in Europe that is solely dedicated to disruptive technologies and robotics. Attendees can expect to meet approximately 17,000 peers and exhibitors from 14 countries.

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  • RoboBusiness

    RoboBusiness is an international robotics event that connects executives from the robotics industry with investors, end users and new business partners. RoboBusiness promotes the introduction of new robotics technologies; highlights critical market forces…

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  • RoboBusiness Europe 2015

    RoboBusiness Europe is a unique and most important event specifically directed at the EU robotics marketplace covering all the most vibrant sectors of the robotics industry.

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  • Asian Robotics Review

     Asian Robotics Review is an online publication offering news, analysis, research and opinion on the global technology and business issues of robotics, robotics-driven automation, and artificial

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  • The Robotics Society of Japan

    The Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ) promotes development in academic fields while offering specialists a place to announce their research and exchange technical knowledge. They publish journals which include scientific papers and descriptive articles…

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    Nissan developed EPORO which is a group of anti-collision robots. They move in group like a school of fish does, circumvent obstacles and do not collide with each other.

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    MESA Robotics Inc. developed a scout and reconnaissance vehicle called MATILDA. It is remote-controlled and has a modular design which permits other parts to be installed into it.

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  • Receptionist Robot

    The Institute for Systems and Robotics developed a robot which they deployed at their office reception. Called Receptionist Robot, it guides approaching visitors to their destinations.

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  • Robomow

    The Robomow RL555 robot lawnmower boasts three 53 cm blades that mulch as well as cut. It's activated for automatic mowing with one touch, or can be manually controlled.

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