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  • CIRE 2016

    CIRE 2016, CHINA International Industrial Robot Exhibition, will be held March 9th-12th, 2016 at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China

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  • RoboUniverse San Diego 2015

    RoboUniverse is coming to San Diego on December 14-16! Launched in New York City in May and Seoul Korea in June, RoboUniverse is quickly becoming the premier robotics conference and exposition.

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  • Beltech

    With over 25 years of experience, Beltech has become a leader in the field of vision technology. The company has an extensive client base globally.

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  • Bluetronics

    Bluetronics deals with developing robots and automation products for industries and agricultural sector. We are specialized in ROS based robots for your custom needs. With over 4 years of experience

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  • Hupico

    HUPICO is a Belgian company that has its focus on industrial automation since 1994. The company offers several A-type brands, with products ranging from highly technical robots to transport and assembly systems.

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  • ICS Computer Vision and Robotics Lab.

    The CVRL at Greece’s Institute of Computer Science was created to perform research and development in autonomous mobile robots. Among their robot creations is the Plato, a 4-wheeled skid drive robotic platform, and a Rotocraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.…

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  • iNOVA Microsystems

    iNOVA Microsystems, is a Singapore based products and solutions provider in mobile robotics, DC motor, motor control, industrial automation and home automation, equipment controller design and electronic design services

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  • Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech.

    One of Germany’s largest and most prestigious research and education institutions, KIT is home to the Robotics Research Group. The group focuses on autonomous robots and industrial automation. They have developed several robots through the CoMiRo-Collective,…

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  • KMWE

    KMWE is a supplier for the High Tech Equipment Industry and Aerospace. It is involved in Aerospace & Defence, Semiconductors, Medical & Diagnostics and Industrial Automation sectors.

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  • RoboNED

    RoboNED is the Dutch robotics organization that aims at strengthening the robotics market in The Netherlands. It stimulates the development of robots that can provide solutions for future healthcare problems and focuses on aligning the Dutch robotics…

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  • SCOTT Technology Limited

    SCOTT provides automation solutions and machinery in industries and applications including Appliance Systems, Meat Processing, Mining, Industrial Automation

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  • Silf

    Katsuhisa Ito's Silf H2 is the successor to Silf H1. It won the RoboCup in 2000 and has won other awards. Silf H2 was featured on the cover of the September 2004 issue of Industrial Automation.The body was made from custom-built parts.

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  • SILO

    SILO6 is a six-legged robot that can search for and detect land mines. It was created to be a research platform for robotic research and improving the speed of walking robots. The mine locator subsystem is composed of a magnetic compass and GPS and Wi-Fi…

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