About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Demcon

    Demcon is a Dutch company that researches and produces high-tech mechatronic systems and products for the healthcare sector and medical devices market. It is involved in the Bobbie project.

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  • Eemagine

    Eemagine GmbH is a certified solution and system provider for the medical industry. The Berlin-based company follows an integrated development strategy.

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  • Hankamp Rehab

    Hankamp Rehab specializes in robotic products for rehabilitation. In collaboration with Saebo INC, it has developed SaeboMAS, SaeboFLEX and SaeboREACH rehabilitation systems.

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  • Van Berlo

    Working with a number of big names like Philips, Unilever and Heineken, VanBerlo is a company that creates innovative products. Being one of the leading design, strategy and implementation agencies in Europe, VanBerlo aims at crafting unconventional and…

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