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  • Alstom Inspection Robotics

    Swiss company Alstom, along with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, develops autonomous inspection robots. The robots can work in environments dangerous for humans.

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  • Cogas

    Cogas is involved in the development of multiple products and services related to the energy industry. They construct and maintain the gas and electricity networks in the Netherlands, and are involved in the Pirate project.

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  • Pirate

    The PIRATE project is a Dutch robotics project designed to make it easier to inspect Dutch gas network pipelines. Tiny autonomous robots will be able to measure deformations of the tubing, as well as detect leaks. These battery-powered robots will make…

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  • Moogle

    Moogle is a specialized robot for inspection of confined spaces. It's controlled via Wi-Fi, has cameras for driving and inspecting, and operates for an hour per charge.

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    The TMSUK Company created a fourth robot in the TMSUK series. The TMSUK-4 is a remote-controlled robot that can do errands, such as going shopping and cleaning vegetables. The humanoid robot can also be controlled via cell phone and has 27 degrees of…

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