About robots, robot development
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  • Bielefeld U.

    CoR-Lab, part of Bielefeld University, was created to meet the challenges in the world of robotics. The lab plans to support the local medium-sized economy and strengthen the university in its main focus, “Intelligent Systems.” The anthropomorphic robot…

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  • Centre for Autonomous Systems

    CAS is KTH’s premier mobile robot systems research center. This facility’s research includes various robotics, computer vision, and machine learning and control. Recent studies included close-contact robot manipulation and computer animation in a project…

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  • Organic Semiconductor Centre

    The University of St Andrews has an interdisciplinary research centre (OSC) that aims at advancing semiconductor devices and materials towards applications in the electronics, semi-conductor and optoelectronics industries.

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  • P&I Lab. Kawashima G.

    The P&I Lab in Japan is part of the Tokyo Institute of Technology's goal to use the latest technology developments, including robotics, to make important contributions in today’s society. The school strives to use a combination of various disciplines,…

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  • Tsukuba U.

    The University of Tsukuba in Japan is one of the country’s oldest universities. Its robotics research center, UTARC, has been instrumental in leading the university in its quest for advanced robotic research. The center aims to create an interdisciplinary…

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    IGEAT is a department of the Faculty of Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The institute aims at conducting interdisciplinary research in various fields, including regional development, environment, and tourism.

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