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  • Zero Robotics Tournament 2014

    Finalists in Zero Robotics tournament will compete at the International Space Station using SPHERES robots to navigate the International Space Station and avoid obstacles, as well as complete a specific mission that changes every year. Zero Robotics Tournament…

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  • NASA

    NASA was initially established for space science research and has always maintained a peaceful, civilian orientation rather than military. Accomplishments include the launch of the reusable space shuttle and collaborating with other nations to establish…

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  • St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    SPbSPU is Russia’s major technical university located in St. Petersburg. It is also the country's top research facility and the leading educational institution in the fields of industrial engineering, aerospace engineering and several other disciplines.…

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  • Space Games: Zero Robotics Tournament

    If you like Space Games, get ready for the Annual Zero Robotics tournament. Finalists in this Zero Robotics tournament will compete at the International Space Station using Spheres robots to avoid obstacles, as well as complete a space mission.

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  • Zero Robotics

    Zero Robotics is a project that organizes an annual robotics programming competition held live aboard the International Space Station. To win, competitors program a SPHERES robot to navigate a microgravity environment while avoiding obstacles, as well…

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  • Kibo

    KIBO was designed for use at an International Space Station. It also known as Japanese Experiment Module (JEM). This module has four parts: a Pressurized Module, an Exposed Facility, an Experiment Logistics Module and a Remote Manipulator system. It serves…

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  • Center for Robotics and Manufacturing Systems

    The CRMS’ mission is to provide leading manufacturing research, engineering services, and skilled graduates that will help businesses be successful and competitive. Each year they offer services to more than 350 companies, businessmen, and agencies every…

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  • Dutch Space

    Dutch Space is focused on space technologies. It designs and develops subsystems for satellites and launching crafts. It is involved in project Virtual Slave to create a maintenance robot.

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  • ESA

    The European Space Agency (ESA) is an intergovernmental agency composed of 20 European countries dedicated to the exploration of space. ESA projects include human spaceflight, unmanned exploration missions to the moon and other planets, designing launch…

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  • Robonaut 2 Is Getting Space Legs

    Space Robot Robonaut 2 has just received his space legs, which allow him to assist astronauts with chores inside and outside the station, freeing up time for astronauts to do more research and other tasks.

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  • Robonaut

    Robonaut 2 was designed to study features needed in a space-faring robot – so well-designed that it was declared ready for actual space service after just a few upgrades.

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  • SAR 400

    The SAR-400 is a legless humanoid robot designed to perform simple tasks is space to aid cosmonauts. Russian space authorities are testing this teleoperated robot in a mock station on tasks like opening hatches. Although the SAR-400 is not practical for…

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    SPHERES are spherical satellites that are used inside the international space station to test instructions for spacecraft performing autonomous rendezvous and docking maneuvers. In addition, the SPHERES robots are used by high school students in the annual…

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