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  • IoT Investors Day 2016

    The main aim of IoT Investors Day Conference is to facilitate further growth of IoT market in India by providing a unique business opportunity for startups and investors to set up new connections on dec 9th in Bangalore. At the conference, a variety of…

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  • IoT Asia 2017

    As the first dedicated platform in Asia to address the enormous potential of the IoT revolution, the first edition of IoT Asia in 2014 was ahead of its competition. It was seen as a transformational

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  • Global Robot Expo 2017

    GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO is the definitive trade show to measure the current state of robotics and aims to provide a space where all stakeholders can showcase their technological achievements

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  • IREX 2015

    The 21st International Robot Exhibition, also known as iRex, will be held in Ariake, Japan, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from December 2-5, 2015.

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  • RoboUniverse San Diego 2015

    RoboUniverse is coming to San Diego on December 14-16! Launched in New York City in May and Seoul Korea in June, RoboUniverse is quickly becoming the premier robotics conference and exposition.

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  • Sydney Robotics Summit 2018

    Sydney Robotics Summit (SRS) 2018 will be held at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) on Saturday 23 June 2018. This year's program will include specialty sessions from urology, colorectal + upper GI, cardiothoracic and nursing as well as the new additions…

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  • Kyushu U.

    The Japanese Kyushu University is equipped with various robotics research institutes and laboratories to augment and compliment its effort of educating its students, especially those engaged in robotics and technology.

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  • Tokyo Inst. of Tech. (TITECH)

    With a history of over 130 years, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is one of Japan’s top national universities in the field of Science and Technology. The university is the major center for supercomputing technology and robotics.

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  • Evryon

    The Robotics project Evryon aims to design wearable robotic suits (exoskeletons) to help the elderly in restoring mobility and strength for those who lack them. These suits will be power efficient and lightweight and will be tested on elderly people to…

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  • Eva

    Developed by TU Delft Robotics Institute, Eva is the Health Care Robot. It is a fetch and carry service robot that specializes in effective and interactive communication with humans. Moreover, the robot can perform diverse caring tasks.

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  • RoboPatriots

    George Mason University developed three humanoids called RoboPatriots. They play soccer and are used to study motion and path planning, multiple robot coordination, etc.

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  • SIG

    SIG is a humanoid created to help developers study the link between integrated perceptual data and the control of degrees of freedom. Auditory and visual processing abilities are under the TCP/IP network. SIG's tracking system is in real time and uses…

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