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  • Aegis

    Dodaam Systems created Aegis; a robot capable of detecting and tracking enemies. It can remotely fire its machine gun and has a targeting manual. Aegis was deployed to Iraq as support. Dodaam systems hopes the robot will ultimately provide fire power…

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  • Ekso Bionics Delivers 80 Exoskeletons For Veterans

    SoldierSocks, an organization dedicated to assisting veterans, will purchase 80 Ekso GT model exoskeletons from Ekso Bionics in the next three years. The Ekso GT exoskeleton is a wearable bionic suit that can be used by individuals with a variety of lower…

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  • Tbot 1.0

    Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition developed a dynamically stable robot called Tbot. It can change its configuration, climb stairs and survive a steep fall.

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