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  • Akira

    The Akira robot was created by JSK Laboratories of the University of Tokyo in 1996. Akira made headlines for being able to learn movement by using a puppet. This humanoid robot has a remote brain and can even approach and kick a ball.

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  • Igoid

    Igoid is a humanoid robot designed by JSK Laboratories to research sensor-based reactive behaviors. It has a tactile sensor suit that enables it to respond to touch and sound.

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  • Kaz

    JSK Laboratories at the University of Tokyo created the humanoid KAZ in 2003. The robot is remote-brained, can operate on its own and can control the software of small humanoids.

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  • Kenta

    JSK Laboratories developed Kenta, an advanced child-sized humanoid robot. It has a spine enabling it to perform whole body movements and tracks objects using eyes, neck and spine.

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  • Rabbit

    The JSK Laboratories and the University of Tokyo developed a whole body tendon robot called the Rabbit. It has multi-joint flexible spine and can do simple gymnastic movements.

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  • TAMA

    The TAMA robot is a four-legged robot developed by JSK Laboratories. It has object recognition and can grab a ball with its graspers. It acts like a dog but has a robotic appearance.

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  • TH1

    JSK Laboratories developed TH1, a tendon driven robot prototype. This humanoid robot has flexible spines for human-like motion, and can track an object using its eyeball.

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