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  • Zhejiang Humanoids Kong & Wu

    Kong and Wu are two advanced ping-pong playing robots developed at Zhejiang University. They are made with high-strength, lightweight materials and have 30 degrees of freedom. Their reaction time is between 0.05 and 0.01 seconds with an accuracy of 2.5…

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  • Scoutbots

    Scoutbots is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization founded by Cesar Harada. It is dedicated to develop Open Hardware technologies to explore and protect the Ocean. Apart from the sailing robot "Protei" they plan to eventually develop more technologies…

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  • Zhejiang U.

    One of China’s premiere universities, Zhejiang University was once nicknamed “the Oriental Cambridge.” To address the growing demand for robotics, it established the Institute of Cyber-systems and Control. So far 863 humanoid robots and systems have been…

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  • Protei Project

    The Protei project is a robotics project initiated by Scoutbots, a Hong Kong-based non-profit organization founded by Cesar Harada. The Protei project aims at developing a way of cleaning the oceans using autonomous sailing robots that are able to work…

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  • T8

    The T8 is a bio-inspired spider robot developed by the Hong Kong based Robugtix Company. It employs around 26 servomotors to function effectively making the movements very fluent and life-like.

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  • iRobot

    Headquartered in Bedford, Mass, iRobot is a public corporation that aims at building and designing some of the most important robots in the world. The mission of the company is to change the world by delivering innovative robots that make a difference.

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  • Robugtix

    Robugtix aims at offering innovative and modern robotics systems for academic and professional use globally. It performs various projects and programs in the fields of engineering, research and design.

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  • Yonsei U.

    Yonsei University is the oldest private university in Korea. The medical college opened the Severance Robot and MIS Center in 2009. This center teachers surgeons the latest techniques in robotic surgery, and are introduced to new techniques that can improve…

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  • G-TuneF108M

    Siso Lab created G-TuneF108M mainly out of junk materials. Yet it won the Ranger Award at the ROBO-One 13. Its body is mostly made from PVC plate and a polycarbonate frame. This humanoid robot can transform from a container form into a bipedal walking…

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  • Koala Joey

    Koala Joey is a robot developed by WowWee. It is a toy robot that was modeled after a Koala, and it responds to being petted by making Koala sounds and moving its mouth and eyes. This robot has an onboard Tilt sensor to detect its position to the ground,…

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  • Protei

    Protei is an autonomous, low-cost, open-source, shape shifting robot developed by Scoutbots. Protei was originally designed to help clean up oil spills and other pollution. Protei features a number of innovative design tweaks that make it a cost-effective…

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