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  • Eurobot

    Eurobot is an international event open to international amateur robotic enthusiasts. It aims to organize robotic enthusiasts to showcase their own autonomous robots and compete with each other. The finals of Eurobot will be held from June 6 to 8 in Dresden,…

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  • Intelligent Robotics Lab. (IRL)

    The IRL at Vanderbilt University works to advance state-of-the-art intelligent systems. Through their research on autonomous robots and mobile robotics, they have created such robots as scooter robot ATRV-Jr. Other areas of focus include biologically-inspired,…

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  • Pontifical Catholic U. of Peru

    Based in Lima, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru is Peru's first non-profit private institu-tion. Under its Faculty of Science and Engineering they have designed and created a robotic arm that has two degrees of freedom.

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  • U. of California San Diego

    One of the top ten public universities, UCSD, has long been considered as one of the Public Ivies. The school has a stellar robotics lab, the Coordinated Robotic Lab, which works on robotic platforms capable of multi-tasking but relatively cheap to build…

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  • BigDog

    BigDog is a robot that is capable of walking across rubble, climbing hiking trails, walking in water and snow as well as carrying loads of up to 340 lbs. BigDog can run as fast as 4 mph and climb slopes up to thirty-five degrees.

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