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  • Kibertron Inc

    Based in Bulgaria, KIBERTRON Ltd. is an innovation company that was registered on March 11th, 2004. The company aims at working for the success of the KIBERTRON Project. The Robotics project focuses on researching, designing and constructing an intelligent…

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  • Simroid

    Kokoro Company Ltd. developed a training robot for dental schools called Simroid. This humanoid can express pain, move its hands and eyes, and warn people of accidental contact.

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  • Yeti 3000

    China’s Dagu Hi-Tech Electronic Co., Ltd. developed a two-legged humanoid robot called YETI 3000 which is a looks like the hairy giant living in the Himalayan Mountains, the Yeti.

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  • CIROS 2015

    The China International Robot Show (CIROS) 2015 takes place July 8 to 11 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and is the official exhibition platform of the China Robot Industry Alliance and the top robot exhibition of China.

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  • IoT Investors Day 2016

    The main aim of IoT Investors Day Conference is to facilitate further growth of IoT market in India by providing a unique business opportunity for startups and investors to set up new connections on dec 9th in Bangalore. At the conference, a variety of…

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  • IREX 2015

    The 21st International Robot Exhibition, also known as iRex, will be held in Ariake, Japan, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from December 2-5, 2015.

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    The China International Robot Show (CIROS) organizes exhibitions for the Chinese robotics sector that cross-promotes the global robotics sector with innovation and entrepreneurship in the enormous Chinese marketplace.

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  • Robugtix

    Robugtix aims at offering innovative and modern robotics systems for academic and professional use globally. It performs various projects and programs in the fields of engineering, research and design.

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  • Shadow Walker

    The pneumatic powered robot Shadow Walker was developed to help with research on humanoid walking. The goal is to make this robot function in a normal human environment.

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