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  • Luna

    Developed by RoboDynamics, Luna is a fully programmable personal robot. It operates on open source platform that allows developers to create software for additional robot capabilities. This robot operates with batteries that can fuel it for up to eight…

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  • State Research Center of Russia

    The State Research Center of Russia is one of the largest research centers in the country. This unique test lab is quickly becoming one of the major development institutes in mobile robotic systems for special apps. It successfully managed to complete…

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  • U. of Bremen

    The University of Bremen is one of the most elite universities in Germany. The university has several research institutions, facilities, and centers for research on robot technology like the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) which…

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  • Robonaut

    Robonaut 2 was designed to study features needed in a space-faring robot – so well-designed that it was declared ready for actual space service after just a few upgrades.

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