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  • MARS

    MARS is one of the leading UAV and UGV academic research facilities in the U.S. Its mission is to explore, research and bridge circuits, architecture, compiler, and software methods. They also focus on the multi-level learning in hybrid deliberative…

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  • Robotics Lab.

    The Laval University Robotics Laboratory pioneers research in the study of parallel mechanisms and articulated robotic hands. They have made numerous partnerships with other labs as well as government agencies, including the Canadian Space Agency. One…

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  • ERC 2014

    The European Rover Challenge is a robotics competition organized by the Mars Society Polska where students have to design, build and test a Mars Rover. It will be held at the Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze, Poland, from September 5 -…

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  • Innorobo 2015

    Innorobo is an international conference in Europe that is solely dedicated to disruptive technologies and robotics. Attendees can expect to meet approximately 17,000 peers and exhibitors from 14 countries.

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  • LAN Handling Systems/Robotics

    LAN Handling Systems develops handling systems for the food and pharmaceutical industry. The automated production line is complete with loading and unloading machines that move from one process to another.

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    JPL, NASA’s lab for developing projects for space exploration, is a pioneer in robotics equipment suited for outer space. Along with the first U.S. satellite ever launched, the Explorer 1, JPL sent the first robotic craft to the moon and to the solar…

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  • NASA JPL Robotics

    NASA JPL Robotics focuses on projects for robotics space exploration and other terrestrial uses. They have developed autonomy software and sampling arms for the Mars rovers, allowing them to travel independently and record data. The lab has worked on…

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  • NASA

    NASA was initially established for space science research and has always maintained a peaceful, civilian orientation rather than military. Accomplishments include the launch of the reusable space shuttle and collaborating with other nations to establish…

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  • Virginia Tech

    Started as an agricultural and mechanical land-grant college in 1872, Virginia Tech is a research university that offers 65 Bachelor’s degrees through its seven undergraduate academic colleges, 145 masters’ as well as doctoral degree programs through…

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  • Mars Rovers Compete In Poland

    Two dozen international teams will meet in Poland for the first European Rover Challenge from September 5th till 7th. Organized by the Polish Mars Society it attracted a lot of international attention that resulted in a lot of international participants.

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  • Aramies

    ARAMIES, in development since 2004 at the University of Bremen, is a Mars explorer that uses four legs and PCR-based software for improved locomotion over wheeled robots.

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  • SAR 400

    The SAR-400 is a legless humanoid robot designed to perform simple tasks is space to aid cosmonauts. Russian space authorities are testing this teleoperated robot in a mock station on tasks like opening hatches. Although the SAR-400 is not practical for…

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  • Zoe

    Zoe is an autonomous, solar powered robot developed by The Carnegy Mellon University. This robotic rover is used to test surface exploration on other planets like Mars. It has been succesfully tested in the Atacama desert of Chili in 2005.

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