About robots, robot development
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  • Autom™

    Cory Kidd of MIT Media Lab created a prototype called AutomTM (prototype). Designed to address the needs of obese people, it can track the progress of diet, exercise and weight.

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  • Gandalf

    The MIT Media Lab robot Gandalf excels in real-time conversation with humans. Capable of normal-sounding speech and movement, Gandalf can answer many astronomy questions.

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  • Mertz

    Humanoid robot MERTZ was created by the MIT Media Lab. This robot has learned to correlate objects and people by differentiating people’s habits. It was designed for exploring scalable learning in social backgrounds. MERTZ’s custom-made hardware includes…

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  • NEXI

    MIT Media Lab of the MIT developed a mobile personal robot called NEXI. It moves on self-balancing wheels, has flexible hands, and can interact with humans and help them in homes.

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