About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen

    CMINEN or the Center for Medical Imaging aims at creating reliable, innovative and effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of clinical practice. CMINEN also serves as a platform for education and research while initiating and participating in medical…

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  • Center for Intelligent Machines

    CIM is one of the largest robotics centers in Canadian universities. This research group has a separate mobile robotics lab, the MRL. Together, they develop many robotics projects, such as an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of being operated…

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  • Imperial College of U. of London

    Established in 1907, the Imperial College London is one of the United Kingdom’s leading public research universities. The college has established various laboratories to equip its students with hands-on experience and vital technology.

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  • Robotics Research Group

    The Robotics Research Group was established in 1985 and is part of the University of Oxford. This distinguished group of robotics researchers have a goal of creating a robot that can determine where its location is without the help of an expensive infrastructure.…

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  • XiVent Medical

    Working with well-known multinational companies, such as Siemens and Philips, Xivent Medical is a highly specialized development company that focuses on creating inventive clinical systems for minimally invasive interventions in oncology.

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