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  • Center for Testing Development and Training

    Established in 2003, the Center for Testing Development and Training, also known as CTDT, is a well known Test and Evaluation agency in the Mine Action field. CTDT conducts certification of demining machinery, mine detection dogs as well as metal detectors…

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  • Snail Aid

    Snail-Aid is a non-profit enterprise that works for social problems. It directs individual creativity and local resources toward new technologies. By improving and formalizing technical knowledge and training, Snail-Aid aims at fostering innovation for…

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  • ICARUS Uses UAV For Demining

    To protect deminers and save time, ICARUS has started to use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for mapping and detecting. One of the major issues facing flood-hit areas is the widespread presence of unexploded devices from the war.

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  • Tiramisu

    TIRAMISU is an important robotics project with the goal of developing tools that can help establish peace, ensure national along with regional security, prevent conflict, and promote social and economic rehabilitation.

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