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  • da Vinci Si Surgical System

    Being the newest addition to the da Vinci product line, the da Vinci Si Surgical System offers a number of enabling features to help surgeons perform complex and delicate operations with increased precision, vision, control and dexterity.

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  • Blazor

    Blazor is a raptor robot toy developed by Bossa Nova. It equipped with sensors and iloveRobots’ Animotion technology. This robot will swiftly chase whatever it recognizes as prey while avoiding obstacles in its path. Blazor's sensors allow it to interact…

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  • King Kizer

    Naoki Maru created King Kizer, which is a boxing champion of Robo-One. This fighting robot has the Kinect-style motion technology allowing it to follow and copy other's motions.

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  • Roppie

    Roppie is a service robot that can help with household tasks. It uses eye-to-motion technology to translate images into actions. It has new grasping software as well.

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