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  • Arne

    St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and New Era developed Arne in 2003. It can walk independently, avoid obstacles and respond to voices by synthesizing its own voice.

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  • Arnea

    New Era and St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University developed Arnea which can walk straight, avoid obstacles, remember and distinguish objects, and respond to voice commands.

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  • CHUO U.

    Chou University in Japan is home to the Osumi Laboratory robotics lab, which develops advanced robot systems. Students learn how to exploit redundancy included in robotic systems and achieve cooperative handling based on position controllers. Their research…

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  • ABB Unveils Collaborative Robot: YuMi

    ABB has unveiled the world’s first truly collaborative robot: YuMi®, an Innovative and human-friendly, dual-arm robot with breakthrough functionality that unlocks vast global additional automation potential in the robotics industry.

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