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  • Calzoni

    CALZONI is an Italian company that deals with the manufacturing and engineering of submarine systems, automation and control systems, surface naval systems, visual landing aids, aerospace products, and special equipment for the Navy.

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  • INHA U.

    Established in 1954, the Inha University is a private school in South Korea and has a mission to build students’ characters, search for the truth, as well as serve the nation in order to represent the university’s principles of diligence, creativity and…

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  • NTS Optel

    Founded in 1986, NTS Optel specializes in applied optics, opto-electronics and laser technology. The company is equipped with an optic and electronic laboratory where experiments and measurements can be performed.

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  • Verhaert

    Founded in 1969, VERHAERT helps governments and companies to innovate. Being an integrated innovation center, VERHAERT has developed more than 500 new products over the last 40 years by connecting strategic, operational and tactical aspects of innovation.

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  • Vision-based Robot Localization

    The University of Auckland’s Vision-based Robot Localization is a robotics lab that focuses on real-time image processing, the use of vision in robotics, and biologically-inspired processes. The lab’s director, Mr. David Yuen, has presented research papers…

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    MESA Robotics Inc. developed a scout and reconnaissance vehicle called MATILDA. It is remote-controlled and has a modular design which permits other parts to be installed into it.

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