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  • HOAP

    Fujitsu developed the first platform in the HOAP series called HOAP 1. Running on RT-Linux, it contains internal sensors and motors for easy expansion. It can also be bought.

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  • HRP

    Honda's full-size humanoid HRP 1S can be controlled remotely and has stereo vision, fine grasp capabilities, a 2 kph walking speed, and 28 minutes of battery life.

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  • Korea U. of Science and Tech.

    Korea Tech has had a 100% graduate career placement for 13 straight years and is the number one university in the country. Their School of Mechanical Engineering established the KUT BioRobotics Laboratory. The lab’s mission is to create and develop science,…

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  • U. of Glasgow

    One of Scotland’s four ancient universities, the University of Glasgow caters to more than 23,000 students. It includes research facilities like the Computer Vision and Graphics group where students can learn about robotics through computer vision research,…

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  • Locust Inspired Jumping Robot

    EPFL created Locust Inspired Jumping Robot which is a tiny robot which can jump very high. It has potential to be used in search and rescue operations and in monitoring environment.

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  • P

    Honda unveiled the P1 humanoid robot in 1993. It is the first in the P series they created. P1 moves with coordinated hands and feet and can pick up and carry objects. It can also grab door knobs and turn electric switches on and off. P1 has 30 degrees…

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