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    Honda's P2 humanoid robot stunned the world with its very human-like movements when it made its debut. It is considered to be the world’s first self-regulating, two-legged walking robot. P2 can also walk up and down stairs and push a cart.

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  • Kinderlab Robotics

    KinderLab Robotics is a robotics start-up company aiming at helping young children in the age of four to seven to become ready for a world in which technology is widely spread throughout society. They teach them technical, problem solving and cognitive…

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  • Kshitij

    Kshitij is the annual techno-management symposium of IIT Kharagpur and is the largest of its genre in Asia. From a modest start 12 years back, it has witnessed unprecedented growth and has always lived up to expectations of the population.

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  • TU Delft Robotics Institute

    TU Delft Robotics Institute is the leading center for robotics research in the Netherlands. Their aim is to introduce new and original robotics technologies that will enable humans and robots to work together in uncontrolled, unpredictable, real-life…

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  • A Roadmap for U.S. Robotics

    The Roadmap for U.S. Robotics, From Internet to Robotics, 2013 Edition describes the goals and intentions of the United States Robotics technology that has been a part of American manufacturing now for half a century

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    SPHERES are spherical satellites that are used inside the international space station to test instructions for spacecraft performing autonomous rendezvous and docking maneuvers. In addition, the SPHERES robots are used by high school students in the annual…

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