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  • PICO 2

    Fujitsu Robotics and Kyushu University developed PICO-2 from the HOAP-2 concept in 2005. The two foot tall human telepresence robot can walk and imitate human gestures.

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  • Hupico

    HUPICO is a Belgian company that has its focus on industrial automation since 1994. The company offers several A-type brands, with products ranging from highly technical robots to transport and assembly systems.

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  • SRG 2014

    Held from January 22-23, the SRG 2014 brings together robot enthusiasts from around the world to compete in 16 unique games. Since it debuted in 1998, the SRG has been an exciting forum to showcase advancements in the field of robotics and automation.

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  • E-One

    Monitoring robot E-One can remotely patrol an area and alert its owner about suspicious activities. Its developers intend to improve it so that it can help elderly and disabled people and watch over small children. Its infrared and ultrasonic sensors…

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  • Ka-Nok

    KMUTT created Ka-Nok, a humanoid autonomous striker robot. With its tracking camera, accelerometer, gyros and a light-weight body, this robot can effectively track a football and kick it.

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  • RPC S1

    The RPC-S1 is a small research platform robot with object recognition. This cute, tiny robot can move its eyes independently of its body. It also has voice recognition.

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