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  • PR 2

    Personal Robot 2 (PR2) is a mobile manipulation platform that is developed by Willow Garage. PR2 is the size of a person and it is built to make it easy to develop as well as test robotic technologies and applications.

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  • U. of Southern California (USC)

    USC is one of the leading robotics universities in the U.S. The USC Robotics Research Laboratory works on projects in service and humanoid robots, among others, for everything from Homeland Security to environmental cleanup. The goal of the lab is to…

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  • Techfest 2014 IIT Bombay Greater Than Ever.

    From jan 3rd till jan 5th, 2014 the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay will have it's yearly "Techfest" festival. It is Asia's largest science and technology festival and has become a great place for anyone related to robotics to find out what has…

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  • Texai

    Developed by Willow Garage, Texai is a remote presence system prototype that lets telecommuters have an in-office presence at any time. The Texai aims at ensuring rich communication between the pilot and the participants.

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