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  • MeBot

    MeBot is a telepresence robot developed by the MIT Personal Robotics Groups. Designed to improve video and phone conferencing, this robot displays the operator's face on the screen located in its head. This semi-autonomous robotic avatar has two small…

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    Octavia is a wheeled firefighting robot developed by MIT's Personal Robotics Group. The US Navy wanted a robot on board ship in order to help humans deal with fires and other emergencies. Octavia's operating system allows it to track complex objects and…

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  • Aldebaran Robotics

    Founded in 2005, Aldebaran Robotics is a French company that aims at developing, designing and commercializing humanoid robots. The company’s vision is to develop robots that could be used as personal assistants.

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  • The Manipulation Lab

    The Robotics Institute Manipulation Lab at CMU is a prominent academic robotics research lab. Focusing on the autonomous robotic manipulation problem, the Lab works on everything from robotic hands to the dynamics of robotic legged movement. Among their…

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  • Willow Garage

    Founded by Scott Hassan in the late 2006, Willow Garage is a technology incubator and robotics research lab dedicated to developing open source software and hardware for personal robotics applications.

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  • AIDA

    AUDI and MIT have teamed up to create the perfect intelligent driving agent, Robot AIDA. He can respond to a driver's words and mood and make facial expressions. This robot can suggest the quickest routes with the least traffic for safer, faster travel.…

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  • TurtleBot

    TurtleBot is an affordable, personal robot kit that allows users to build robots that can see in 3D, bring food, take panoramas, drive around their house and have sufficient horsepower to produce exciting applications.

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