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  • AIBO

    AIBO ERS-220 is Sony's fourth dog in the robotic canine series. This version has a digital camera to take photos for you. AIBO ERS-220 still has plenty of customizable games and movements that can be downloaded into its memory stick. It has a more futuristic…

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  • Cinema Companion

    A robot called CIROMI is a new development from Ed Corporation. Users can use the robot's touchscreen capability to take photos, display photos, send photos through email, and play games. Not only does this service robot sell tickets and entertain, it…

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  • Jibo

    JIBO is a humanized, highly interactive robot that, will have a range of capabilities making it the perfect helper and companion around the house. It is being developed by a team led by Cynthia Breazeal, an MIT professor and pioneer in the field of social…

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  • Party Shot

    If you are tired of being left out of photos, Sony's Party-Shot can change that. It automatically takes pictures and has facial and smile detection. It runs on two “AA” alkaline batteries or an AC adapter. Party-Shot can tilt, rotate and focus the camera…

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  • Phantom Sentinel

    VeraTech Aero created a Y-shaped robot called the Phantom Sentinel. It is used as an UAV to take pictures and videos of targets. It has a high stability and can self-level when hovering.

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    Humanoid robot POLYRO is adorable and easy to assemble. Despite being an advanced robot, even people with little or no experience can put POLYRO together quickly.

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  • Recycling Robot

    Recycling robot is an educational robot designed to teach students about recycling. It has photosensing technology and a laser to scan and identify plastic items by their type. The robot then put them in the correct containers for recycling.

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  • RS Media

    The RS Media entertainment robot interacts with humans through multiple sensors. It can respond to speech, sit, and walk. It can also play movies on its LCD screen.

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  • Spyball

    WowWee’s Spyball is a rolling telepresence robot perfect for playful spying on friends and family. The Wi-Fi enabled ball quietly takes photos and streams video & audio.

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