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  • Plen

    Plen is a 23 cm desktop entertainment robot. The user-assembled humanoid is controlled via Bluetooth, and has a 32-bit ARM processor, 18 DOF and 20 pre-installed motions.

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  • ICRA 2015

    The ICRA conference and exhibition is hosted by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society where international robotics researchers are can present their work

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  • Hirosaki U.

    Hirosaki University in Japan offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to study robotics. Their School of Science and Technology has a course on Intelligent Machines and System Engineering. This course teaches Vision-based Robot control and micromachine…

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  • The Rise Of The Chief Robotics Officer

    The answer to robotics in the corporate sphere, as well as the ultimate target for robotic industry vendors will make its debut at the third edition of RoboBusiness Europe, taking place in Milan (Italy) on April 27-30, 2015

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  • AIBO

    AIBO ERS-220 is Sony's fourth dog in the robotic canine series. This version has a digital camera to take photos for you. AIBO ERS-220 still has plenty of customizable games and movements that can be downloaded into its memory stick. It has a more futuristic…

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  • Arimoplena

    Designed by the Sumii family, Arimoplena won the 2008 ROBO-ONE competition's helper category. Has advanced vision and manipulation systems and constant sound production.

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  • Care-O-bot 4

    The fourth edition of the Care-O bot range of caring and socially interacting robots has a more adaptable personality than any of its predecessors.

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  • I-Cybie

    I-Cybie the toy robot dog has plenty of advanced features to enhance play. Touch sensors enable an automatic response to a pat or scratch. Advanced sound sensors allow I-Cybie to respond to voice and clap commands. It also has a listening mode and five…

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  • Manoi PF01

    Tomotaka Takahashi and Kyosho has created Manoi PF01 whose design and programming is based on the style and actions of anime characters. It is equipped with an RC servo module.

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