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  • RTEX 2015

    The 2nd annual Robotic Technology Exhibition, which is also known as RTEX, will be held from September 29-October 1, 2015, at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai.

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  • RTEX 2014

    Robotics Technology Exhibition (RTEX) 2014 is the exhibition platform from the United Arab Emirates for companies to show their robotics products and introduce their latest advancements in Robot Technology. It will be held in The Meydan, Dubai, September…

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  • RTEX

    The Robotics Technology Exhibition event aims at adding more value to Dubai’s economy by involving various business sectors, creating employment opportunities, attracting international investors, and catapulting the city to a tech hub.

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  • ECHORD++ best picture award

    Best Picture Award 2016 The ECHORD++ experiment teams have submitted pictures of their projects. The best picture will be awarded a beam+ telepresence robot. The winners will be announced on Thursday,

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  • CSi Industries

    CSi is a Dutch company specializing in integrated handling systems, from advice to production and installation. It is known for its robotic palletizing systems and packaging systems.

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    Dutch robotics project Active Therapeutic Devices (ATD) is developing robotic devices to help people with the rehabilitation of the upper extremities without the help of a therapist, easing the burden on health care and improving the motivation of patients.

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  • RQ

    The RQ-Huno robot is tiny, but very adaptable. It can store 21 motions and 10 independent behaviors. It has an Infrared remote control and can sense its environment.

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