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  • Reade

    Reade came into being from the merger of two rehabilitation systems, which now offer specialized care, support and advice to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Reade offers and develops excellent quality rehabilitation medicine as well as rheumatology.

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  • Lely

    Founded by Cornelis and Arij van der Lely, Lely is an international company that provides innovative solutions to the agricultural field.

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  • AIBO

    The SONY AIBO ERS-7 is an entertainment robot dog. Besides being able to speak 1000 words, it can keep a diary with pictures and read blog for you. The AIBO ERS-7 is also capable of video and audio recording. It is customizable through its service packs.

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  • AILA

    The female humanoid robot AILA was developed by DFKI Bremen. She uses Semantic Product Memory for enhanced object recognition. AILA can turn and move in any direction with her six wheels. She easily grasps objects and has a RFID for scanning. AILA is…

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  • An9

    Advertising robot An9-PR was developed by ALSOK and sells for $150,000. Besides having an electric board and 19-inch advertising monitors, it can patrol buildings and send coupons to mobile phones. This cute, friendly robot also has facial recognition…

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  • Caliban (CBN-001)

    Caliban is the main character in the 1993 novel 'Isaac Asimov’s Caliban' by Roger MacBride. The robot was created without following the Three Laws of Robotics and was accused to murdering its master. Caliban later proves its innocence with a sheriff's…

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  • I Robot

    The East Japan Railway Company (JR East) created the humanoid I Robot. This robot guide has several interactive features and will be utilized at all Japanese train stations.

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  • Karotz

    Karotz is a social media robot designed to make using social media easy and fun. It uses voice recognition to allow you to reply to social messages. Karotz can be an alarm clock and check weather and traffic through its WiFi connection. It has facial…

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    MESA Robotics Inc. developed a scout and reconnaissance vehicle called MATILDA. It is remote-controlled and has a modular design which permits other parts to be installed into it.

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  • Reborg-Q

    ALSOK developed a security robot called Reborg-Q. This automatically programmable robot can guard an area; detect leaks, fires and smoke; and can tell current time and weather.

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    Robopec's Reeti is a fully customizable robot capable of many functions. It can connect to the Internet so you can access social media and email. This PC-bot can help teachers who need better ways to teach students. It has a user-friendly interface and…

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  • Robonox

    Giorgi Publisher and IXS Research Corporation developed a small humanoid called Robonox. This bipedal robot autonomously stands up after falling, and can do somersaults and push-ups.

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  • U-ROBO

    U-ROBO is a service robot developed to be the perfect home companion. It was created by ED and has excellent balance even on slopes. It is said to be able to cook and handle a broom.

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