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  • AR

    AR-400 is a human-scale working robot with satellite navigation and speech synthesis. It can serve as a receptionist or perform more dangerous jobs like railroad work.

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    KEITA is a receptionist robot at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It can meet and greet visitors, conduct campus tours and answer questions. This Japanese-speaking robot is fully autonomous and spends most of its time with visitors. It only returns…

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  • Mechadroid Type C3

    Business Design Lab in Japan created the perfect robot receptionist, Mechadroid Type C3. This robot was unveiled at Tokyo’s CREATEC conference. A touchscreen panel shows important information and Mechadroid Type C3 shows emotive feedback on its faceplate…

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  • Miss Rong Cheng

    Chinese Academy of Sciences developed an advanced humanoid called Miss Rong Cheng. It can respond to voices and has been deployed as a receptionist at the Sichuan Science Museum.

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  • Receptionist Robot

    The Institute for Systems and Robotics developed a robot which they deployed at their office reception. Called Receptionist Robot, it guides approaching visitors to their destinations.

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  • Saya

    Tokyo University of Science developed a teacher robot called Saya. It can express emotions like humans, talk in several languages, give tasks to students and do roll calls.

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  • SORA

    SORA is a robotic receptionist that debuted at IREX 2005. Its camera, microphone, and speakers make it possible to speak with a visitor before greeting him personally.

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