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    Robopec's Reeti is a fully customizable robot capable of many functions. It can connect to the Internet so you can access social media and email. This PC-bot can help teachers who need better ways to teach students. It has a user-friendly interface and…

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  • An9

    ALSOK has developed a robot guard called An9-RR that is capable of providing surveillance and greet visitors. It can provide directions and inform human security guards about suspicious activities with emails containing surveillance images. Smaller versions…

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  • April

    Samsung electronics developed a female robot called April. Although it is unable to stand or walk, it can move its head and hands, and make fluid-like motion with musical beats.

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  • Banryu

    TMSUK and Sanyo developed a security robot called Banryu HRS-Q11. It has features like speech synthesis, face recognition, sound sensors, obstacle sensors and temperature sensors.

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  • Casimiro

    The developers of Casimiro wanted to create a true socially interactive robot. It has facial expressions to show emotions, and its sound generation allows it to compose simple greetings.

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    ED Corporation developed a robot called CIROMI which can be used in cinemas and theaters. It has features like internet connectivity, touch screen games and imaging applications.

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  • FDK service robot

    The FDK service robots were designed to assist humans in places such as offices and commercial facilities. They can also be utilized as security patrol robots. FDK robots can move autonomously and have a 3d visual processing system. Some of the tasks…

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  • iMaro

    The iMaro-3 ISR was created by SAIT as a service robot. It greets people at the Seoul International Airport. The iMaro-3 ISR helps passengers find the correct terminal. It also provides snapshots of the person it assists and has pre-programmed maps to…

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  • Mary

    Together with Beijing Smart Technology, Peking University created Mary: a female service robot. This robot has infrared sensors and can detect nearby people, greet them, and shake hands. Mary can index more than 100 people in its camera, play games,…

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  • SORA

    SORA is a robotic receptionist that debuted at IREX 2005. Its camera, microphone, and speakers make it possible to speak with a visitor before greeting him personally.

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    The TMSUK-1 was created by the Tmsuk Company with the intention of replacing human office receptionists. There was a large public outcry over this idea, even though some companies declared they wanted one. The TMSUK-1 greets and guides customers, and…

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