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  • Roessingh Rehabilitation Center

    Roessingh is a rehabilitation center founded in 1948. The center provides all types of rehabilitations for children and adults, and is also involved in projects that require researching new kinds of methods and equipments to improve rehabilitation.

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  • De Hoogstraat

    Being a medical rehabilitation center in Utrecht, De Hoogstraat is the research and innovation center of the UMC Utrech Hospital that aims at improving the rehabilitation treatment by performing scientific research, innovation and implementation of projects.

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  • Dr. Leo Kannerhuis

    The Dr. Leo Kanner house is a foundation and a highly specialized facility registered as a public benefit organization. It aims at developing, offering and transferring the best treatment for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) patients.

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  • Groot Klimmendaal

    Groot Klimmendaal is a Dutch medical rehabilitation center that has a goal of offering rehabilitation for children, youth and adults who from physical, cognitive or multiple disabilities. The center aims at making the patients as independent as possible.

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  • Hankamp Rehab

    Hankamp Rehab specializes in robotic products for rehabilitation. In collaboration with Saebo INC, it has developed SaeboMAS, SaeboFLEX and SaeboREACH rehabilitation systems.

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  • Rijndam (Rotterdam)

    Rijndam specializes in complex medical rehabilitation issues. The organization has been teaching children, youth and adults about dealing with the effects of a disorder, accident or disease for more than 100 years.

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  • Saebo

    Operating globally, Saebo is an American company founded in 2001 that aims at providing innovative rehabilitation products for patients with neurological injuries such as strokes. The company’s revolutionary products let patients with minimal hand and…

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  • Sint Maartenskliniek

    Being a leading Dutch hospital, the Sint Maartens clinic specializes in the treatment of diseases related to posture and movement. The clinic invests in the development of robotic equipment that can help in the rehabilitation of posture and movement disorders.

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  • University of Twente

    Based in the Netherlands, the University of Twente (UT) is a Dutch research university that focuses on technical development and its implications for individuals as well as society. UT is involved in two important robotics projects i.e. LOPES and ROBAR.

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