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  • Hornet Dragonfly

    WowWee's FlyTech Hornet looks and flies like a real dragonfly. The remote-controlled robot is lightweight, crash-resistant, and can be maneuvered in tight spaces.

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  • Mad Hurricane

    Tokyo based Poseidon developed the Mad Hurricane which is a lightweight tough robot. This programmable remote-controlled robot has a large range of movements and can punch and kick.

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  • Skyhopper

    SkyHopper is a popular remote-controlled robotic insect that makes running takeoffs in small spaces and also walks and jumps. Crash sensors disable its wings upon impact.

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    The TMSUK Company created a fourth robot in the TMSUK series. The TMSUK-4 is a remote-controlled robot that can do errands, such as going shopping and cleaning vegetables. The humanoid robot can also be controlled via cell phone and has 27 degrees of…

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