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  • Roboboa

    The Roboboa is a robotic snake toy developed by WowWee. Not only can it move like a real snake, it can store and play back commands via its controller. Roboboa can also use Infrared sensors to detect objects and has sound and light capabilities.

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  • Roboboat Competition

    The International RoboBoat Competition is an annual event where students compete against each other using their own Maritime Autonomous Surface Vehicles to cross an aquatic obstacle course. It will be held from July 8 to 13, 2014 in Virginai Beach, USA. Tasks…

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  • AUVSI Foundation

    The AUVSI Foundation focuses on the future of the robotics industry by developing programs that will attract and equip students for a career in this rapidly growing field. It hosts robotics competitions that challenge students to apply their skills in…

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  • Robonation

    RoboNation is an online community that features detailed information and a discussion forum for the non-profit Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International. By organizing robotics competitions for university students the hope to inspire students…

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