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  • Brazilian Robotics Competition

    The Brazilian Robotics Competition is Brazil’s major national science competition in the field of autonomous robotics. It is held from October 16-20, 2013 at the Universidade de Fortaleza and is organized by the IEEE Brazilian Robot Competition and the…

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  • Istrobot

    The Istrobot competition is Central Europe’s oldest robotic competition. This year, the 15th annual international robotic competition will be held at the Slovak University of Technology on April 26, 2014.

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  • RobotChallenge 2014

    RobotChallenge 2014 is one of the world’s largest international competitions for self-made, autonomous, and mobile robots. Held in Vienna, Austria from March 29 till 30, this annual event serves as a venue for people to showcase their creations, share…

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  • SRG 2014

    Held from January 22-23, the SRG 2014 brings together robot enthusiasts from around the world to compete in 16 unique games. Since it debuted in 1998, the SRG has been an exciting forum to showcase advancements in the field of robotics and automation.

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  • Arab Robotics Association

    The Arab Robotics Association, or ARA, aims at promoting robotics research in the Arab world. One of the major goals of the ARA is to raise awareness about the culture as well as science of robotics among Arab youth. The Arab Robotics Association organizes…

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  • RoboCup Federation

    The Robocup Federation is an international organisation that promotes and stimulates robot technology worldwide by organizing robot competitions and symposia.

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  • One more day to RoboCup 2013

    Only one more day to go untill this years Robocup soccer competition will start in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. RoboCup is the largest international robotics event which is held every year.

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  • Robocup

    RoboCup is the largest international robotics event in the world and consists of Robot soccer games, Robot rescue competitions, robots performing tests in a household environment and educational games for children.

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  • RoboCup Junior

    RoboCup Junior is a robotics initiative that sponsors both regional and international events that use robotics competitions to educate children about robot technology and teach them how to cooperate with their peers. RoboCup Junior also offers an international…

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  • OmniZero.9

    OmniZero.9 is transforming robot that can go from a bipedal humanoid robot to a rolling vehicle. It competed in the ROBO-ONE, a humanoid robot competition in Japan, and passed the qualifying rounds. OmniZero.9 has wheeled shoulders and its head tilts…

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