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  • IREX 2013

    Held November 6-9, the IREX 2013 allows robot enthusiasts, robot manufacturers and students to meet and discuss robotics and industrial technology. The exhibition aims to showcase various types of robots and devices from Japan and other areas of the world…

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  • AISoy Robotics

    Aisoy Robotics designs emotional personal robots to make people’s life fun and easy. The company aims at creating robots that can sense, perceive, evolve emotionally, and have human-like, natural communication with the users.

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  • Bobbie

    Bobbie Robotics, inspired by recent Dutch Robotics developments, is working to set up a Dutch industry with the ability to develop care assistance robots. Rising health care costs and a shortage of skilled care could be offset with the design a robot…

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  • G-Robot

    G-Robot is a humanoid robot manufactured by Futaba. It has a servo protection system -it turns itself off if it gets too hot. It is programmable through RS232 and has 20 DOF.

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