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  • Robo-Garage

    Founded by Tomotaka Takahashi, Robo Garage is a company that creates, invents and designs original and unique humanoid robots known for their fluid motions, smooth and sleek appearance.

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  • I-Cybie

    I-Cybie the toy robot dog has plenty of advanced features to enhance play. Touch sensors enable an automatic response to a pat or scratch. Advanced sound sensors allow I-Cybie to respond to voice and clap commands. It also has a listening mode and five…

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  • Kitty Cat

    FurReal and Hasbro developed a feline robot pet called the Kitty Cat. This robot has many features that imitate the behavior of a real cat. She can hiss and move her head and ears. Her eyes open and close to express emotions. Kitty Cat has fur that looks…

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  • Labradoodle Puppy

    Labradoodle Puppy is a toy robot animal developed by WowWee, a company known for their robotic animals. Labradoodle Puppy has realistic fur and onboard motors that allow the robot to move its head and paws. It uses 4 "AA" batteries and has an adoption…

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  • Wappy Dog

    Wappy dog is an interactive toy robot by Sega. This canine pet can be played with both inside and outside a Nintendo DS console. In the console, the simulated version sings, does tricks and plays mini games. The physical version of Wappy Dog can be trained,…

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