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  • Freelance Robotics

    Freelance Robotics is a company that combines industrial and R&D knowledge to develop faster, more reliable new robotics systems and products to improve the world of tomorrow.

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  • Intelligent Robotics Research

    The IRR lab is home to many groundbreaking robotics developments, such as UT Austin Villa Robot Soccer Team and TEXPLORE. Their research makes it possible to create robot prototypes more quickly. The lab also conducts research on Neural Networks and…

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  • Kiwa

    Kiwa Technology provides support and services in the energy and water sector. It is the top technological company in the gas sector concerning measurement, distribution and safety.

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  • Uppsala U.

    The Uppsala University is Sweden’s oldest university and ranks among the best universities in Northern Europe. It has been known for providing its students with vital knowledge and important hands-on experience, especially in the field of robotics.

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  • European Robotics Week 2014

    On November 24 - 30, the 4th edition of the European Robotics Week will take place in a range of locations throughout Europe featuring a variety of robotics-related activities for the general public.

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  • Bogobot

    Bogobot is the team that developed a bipedal robot. It has a camera, an electronic compass and a central processor. It can recognize an orange ball, move to it and kick it.

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  • Butler Robot

    The Butler Robot is a Chinese prototype from 2010. Designed as a kitchen/household helper, it remembers appliance locations and carries small items with claw-like hands.

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  • HR

    The bipedal robot HR-7 was developed by Dr. Robot. It is the seventh HR model prototype. The HR-7 has some new features, including five fingers and new recharging technology.

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  • REEM

    Built by PAL Robotics, REEM-H1 is a humanoid service robot that has an autonomous navigation system, face recognition and face tracking system and a user-friendly touchscreen to entertain and help people in public environments.

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