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  • ARE 13

    The 2nd International Workshop on Adaptive Robotic Ecologies (ARE’13) is scheduled December 3-5, 2013 in Dublin. Here organizers aim to discover solutions that would enable robotic ecologies to be self-learning, -configuring, and -adapting.

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  • Center for Robotics and Manufacturing Systems

    The CRMS’ mission is to provide leading manufacturing research, engineering services, and skilled graduates that will help businesses be successful and competitive. Each year they offer services to more than 350 companies, businessmen, and agencies every…

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  • Deam Corporation

    Deam specializes in handheld, steerable laparoscopic instruments. Deam has developed and patented steering technology for instruments with unlimited DOF and is involved in the PITON project.

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  • Focal Meditech

    Focal Meditech is a company that delivers custom-made robotic medical equipment. They develop medical equipment and provide personal care robots for people with disabilities.

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  • RoboNED

    RoboNED is the Dutch robotics organization that aims at strengthening the robotics market in The Netherlands. It stimulates the development of robots that can provide solutions for future healthcare problems and focuses on aligning the Dutch robotics…

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  • Robotics & Control

    The University of Delaware’s Robotics and Control focuses on designing, controlling and deploying robots in an effort to replace people in dangerous jobs and/or locations. The lab also does basic research in manipulation theory, which may someday allow…

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  • Roessingh Research and Development (RRD)

    Being the largest scientific research center focused on rehabilitation technologies, Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is an independent research and development organization that is connected to the Roessingh rehabilitation centre.

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  • University of Twente

    Based in the Netherlands, the University of Twente (UT) is a Dutch research university that focuses on technical development and its implications for individuals as well as society. UT is involved in two important robotics projects i.e. LOPES and ROBAR.

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  • Ekso Bionics Delivers 80 Exoskeletons For Veterans

    SoldierSocks, an organization dedicated to assisting veterans, will purchase 80 Ekso GT model exoskeletons from Ekso Bionics in the next three years. The Ekso GT exoskeleton is a wearable bionic suit that can be used by individuals with a variety of lower…

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  • Evryon

    The Robotics project Evryon aims to design wearable robotic suits (exoskeletons) to help the elderly in restoring mobility and strength for those who lack them. These suits will be power efficient and lightweight and will be tested on elderly people to…

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    Dutch robotics project Active Therapeutic Devices (ATD) is developing robotic devices to help people with the rehabilitation of the upper extremities without the help of a therapist, easing the burden on health care and improving the motivation of patients.

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  • Mobile Arm Support (MAS)

    The Dutch robotics project "Mobile Arm Support" was aimed at helping people with limited arm and shoulder strength to regain more arm and shoulder functionality. The result was an adjustable robotics device that may help regaining some strength.

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  • Robotarm Jaco

    The project Jaco is a robotic device designed by Kinova Rehab to help disabled people regain freedom. It is weather resistant and has a hand with three fingers that can be individually controlled. It gives people the ability to grasp objects such as a…

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  • VirtuRob

    VirtuRob is a Dutch Robotics project to help alleviate the costs of health care by offering arm and hand therapy at home with robotic devices. Training at home gives patients more freedom and encourages them to keep pushing the limits. The devices reduce…

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