About robots, robot development
and those who make it happen
  • Robotics & Control

    The University of Delaware’s Robotics and Control focuses on designing, controlling and deploying robots in an effort to replace people in dangerous jobs and/or locations. The lab also does basic research in manipulation theory, which may someday allow…

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  • Intelligent Servosystems Lab.

    The ISL at the University of Maryland performs extensive robotics research. Their focus is to advance state-of-the-art design and real-time control of intelligent systems. Among the lab’s impressive list of projects is the robotic hand the Modular Dexterous…

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  • St.Petersburg State Polytechnic U.

    SPbSPU is Russia’s major technical university located in St. Petersburg. It is also the country's top research facility and the leading educational institution in the fields of industrial engineering, aerospace engineering and several other disciplines.…

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