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  • Robotics Research Group

    The Robotics Research Group was established in 1985 and is part of the University of Oxford. This distinguished group of robotics researchers have a goal of creating a robot that can determine where its location is without the help of an expensive infrastructure.…

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  • Austin Robotics Research Group

    The ARRG at the University of Texas is dedicated to advancing intelligent machine technology and focuses on robotics. Their 16,000 square foot office/lab is home to three major types of research, including robotic manipulators and their software. NASA…

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  • Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech.

    One of Germany’s largest and most prestigious research and education institutions, KIT is home to the Robotics Research Group. The group focuses on autonomous robots and industrial automation. They have developed several robots through the CoMiRo-Collective,…

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  • Mechatronic Systems and Robotics Research Group

    The MSRR Group is part of the University of Surry. It is internationally-known for its work in industrial robot calibration and the development of robotic stereo vision systems. The lab’s impressive equipment list includes a Bosch conveyor system and…

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  • Swarm-Intelligent Systems Research Group

    The SWIS Group is a leading robotics research group in Switzerland. They focus on reinforcing the flow of ideas about Swarm Intelligence and adding to the education of interdisciplinary engineers and computer scientists. One of their goals is to create…

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